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What is permanent residence in Canada?


Obtaining “permanent residence” or “permanent resident status” in Canada is also known as “immigrating to Canada” or becoming a “landed immigrant”. The successful end result of the Immigration process is the issuance of an immigrant visa. Persons to whom an immigrant visa has been issued must present themselves to an Immigration officer at one of Canada’s official ports of entry in order to become landed immigrants.

How can I become a permanent resident of Canada?


To be eligible to immigrate to Canada, you must meet the requirements of one of three classes of Immigration and apply for Permanent Residence in Canada through a Canadian visa post (i.e. High Commission or Embassy or Consulate).

The three classes are:
1. Family
2. Independent/Skilled Worker
3. Business Class

What benefits do I have if I am a permanent resident of Canada?


Canadian permanent residents/landed immigrants and citizens enjoy all of the same rights and privileges (i.e. free health care, free elementary and secondary education, etc.) with three (3) exceptions:
(i) Permanent residents cannot vote;
(ii) Permanent residents cannot hold a Canadian passport.
(iii) Permanent residents can be deported for certain criminal convictions.

How can I determine if I am eligible to become a permanent resident of Canada?


If you are interested in immigrating to Canada, you are invited to complete the Free Assessment which will be assessed by Aims Immigration Solutions Inc. appointed Canadian Immigration consultant in accordance with Citizenship and Immigration Canada's selection criteria, at no charge to you, usually within a few hours but no more than 1 business day from the time that your Questionnaire is received.

How do I know that I qualify ?


Our consultants enjoy a near 100% success rate with clients who retain them via the Internet because they do not accept cases that are borderline and which have no hope of success. If you have been positively assessed, it is because our consultants believe that you stand a very good chance of applying for and receiving Canadian Permanent Residence with their assistance. The firm thrives on successful immigration cases and referrals from satisfied clients and, to further back this up, they offer a 100% money-back guarantee where applicable, the details of which are given in the assessment.

Why do I need to use the services of a consultant and why can I not apply for Permanent Residence in Canada on my own?


Aims Immigration Solutions Inc. appointed immigration consulants assist you in a professional and orderly manner to supply exactly the information expected by the Canadian authorities by assisting you to prepare and submit your Application forms and ensuring that they have been filled out correctly. The consultant draft the written, legal submissions, which accompany your Application package to argue why you should be issued a Canadian immigrant visa and they also ensure that your letters of reference and supporting documentation comply with Citizenship and Immigration Canada's standards to ensure the expeditious processing of your Application for Permanent Residence. Aims Immigration Solutions Inc. only associates itself with consultants who can represent you at the highest level in the Federal Court of Canada, should this be deemed necessary; however, such is the success of this firm that in most of their cases the applicant interview is waived.

Where do I submit my appliction for Permanent Residence in Canada?


Aims Immigration Solutions Inc. will inform you of this, on becoming our client, and will handle this process for you entirely as set down by Canadian Immigration Law. Further than this, you will be issued with the correct application forms and will be fully assisted in their completion, thoroughly checking and compiling your immigration application, before submitting it on your behalf to the correct Canadian visa post as and when required.

How long does the Application process take?


Processing times depend on:
(i) the Canadian visa post through which you are applying;
(ii) whether an Immigration interview is deemed necessary in your case;
(iii) the complexity of your case;
(iv) how well your case is presented; and
(v) the existing case load in a Canadian visa post at a given time.

Nobody can promise you a specific processing timeframe and hence do not choose a immigration consultant on the basis of how quickly they promise your case will be processed. Consultants can give estimates, however, they CANNOT guarantee processing times as processing times are ALWAYS subject to change WITHOUT advance notice from the authorities. Choose a immigration consultant that you feel will be competent to prepare your case correctly and expeditiously and that will be attentive to your needs.

How can I become a citizen of Canada?


Only after 3 years of being a permanent resident/landed immigrant of Canada, are you eligible to apply for Citizenship. Our appointed consultant will attend to your application for Permanent Residence, the first step towards your new life in Canada.

How much are your fees?


We not only complete the application forms, but also represent the client on all the stages of the immigration process. Therefore, the price of our services depends on how much work the case involves the category through which the client is processed and, consequently, the price is determined in each specific case.

What documents are necessary to begin the work on immigration process?


Among the documents that are necessary to start work on immigration file there must be copies of birth certificates, educational certificates and diplomas, marriage and divorce certificates, passports, police certificates, employment reference letter and some other certificates. The applicant receives a more complete list of necessary documents after the preliminary assessment of his immigration application. Certification of the copies and their translations is not necessary because this is included in the immigration consultant fees.

Can I extend my immigrant visa?


No, this visa cannot be extended. If you couldn't arrive in Canada before the time shown on you Permanent Resident Visa, then you will have to start the whole immigration process from the very beginning.

How does an employment visa differ from an immigrant visa?


Employment authorization allows its possessor to live and work in Canada for a certain period of time; it also limits the possessor's ability to work in Canada. Employment visa doesn't give the right for the permanent immigrant visa. As for the Permanent Resident Visa, it gives its possessor the right to work and live in any place in Canada, have the privileges of a Canadian citizen, receive Canadian citizenship after three years, and sponsor close relatives to come Canada if you have an appropriate income.

Can one apply for both visas simultaneously?


Yes, you can do that. However your application for employment visa can suffer, since you have the intentions to remain in Canada after it is expired. Therefore it is better to first apply for employment visa, and only after that for the Permanent Resident Visa.

When will I be able to become a Canadian citizen?


You will be able to become a Canadian citizen after you have lived in the country for 3 years.