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There is still shortage of nurses in Canada and all predictions are that it will worsen in the future. There is no lack of jobs in nursing sector. There are simply many more jobs in nursing than there are nurses to fill them!

For the first time in 30 years, the number of nurses graduating in Canada has exceeded to 9,000, but the total still falls short of the number needed to meet current and future demand, says a new report, 'Tested Solutions for Eliminating Canadaís Registered Nurse Shortage" by the Canadian Nurses Associationís May 2009.

Population Health Needs in Canada It is axpected that in Canada every single person will need professional nursing services at some time in their life and this demand will increase as the Canadian population ages.

There is a well established correlation between aging and the demand for health care services. The population of over 85 is the largest growing population segment in Canada. People are living longer and living with more morbidity and chronic illness than ever before. As the Canadian population ages there will be increasing demand on the Canadian health care system for services, and a large part of that demand will be for professional nursing services.

Immigrant Nurses
Incentives to work in the West are high. For one example, Filipino nurses may expect to make approximately $200 CAD per month in the Philippines. In Canada they may expect a more typical annual salary of $30,000 CAD to $100,000 CAD. It is estimated that Filipino nurses send $11 billion CAD back to their home country every year.

Salaries are not the only factor. The working conditions are usually much better, both for the nurses and the patients. The quality of care, additional experience, training, general benefits, and equipments are usually superior.

In Canada, Overseas Registered Nurses are employed on various positions such as clinical nurses, nursing consultants, community health care nurses so on and so forth. Since there is a shortage of Registered Nurses in Canada, it is the right time for nurses in other countries to opt to pursue their careers. Canada comparatively to other countries, offers excellent salaries to nurses. Moreover, the working conditions are reportedly ideal for the Registered Nurses.